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We are now on Tradiio! Tradiio is a great way to support artists who you feel passionate about and want exclusive content from. Its a subscription service where you can donate however much you like for certain rewards. At the moment whilst we test the waters we are offering a $2 option for everything! If you subscribe to us via Tradiio we will provide exclusive content such as:
  • New Songs - We want your feedback regarding songs that are in the pipeline (there are lots) and we will be sending these out on a monthly basis. Your feedback can help shape the next Dead Happy record!
  • Videos - We have a ton of footage lying around just waiting to be edited up for all sorts of nonsense. We also have some exclusive video content that we will be trialing with subscribers.
  • Artwork - Our artist has been working on all sorts of designs for album covers/gig posters/t shirts etc. We will send out exclusive artwork and video relating to this, and again welcome your feedback.
With the music industry on its knee's for small up and coming artists such as ourselves, this is a great way for us to earn a little, and give back at the same time. We think this is going to be the way forward in the industry as albums and touring really aren't sustainable to smaller acts any more. People do want to support smaller acts and this is the place to do it.

So have a good old click on the picture below and drop a couple dollars our way. We'll make sure its worth it.

'Banana God' (our new EP) is out now! head on over to iTunes to pick up a copy - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/banana-god-ep/id935786216

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Tragedy: A Metal Tribute to the Bee-Gees and Beyond

Robin 2, 20-28 Mount Pleasant, Wolverhampton, WV14 7LJ

A Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond, is an over-the-top bombast of Disco, Metal, Glitter and Magic - the #1 Party Band.

That and Dead Happy are supporting ;-P

Tickets are Directly available from Dead Happy at just £12

Red Dogs (Japan) DATE MOVED (from Feb)

Roadhouse, Lifford Lane, Birmingham B30 3DZ

*PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT WAS MOVED FROM 17th FEB to 14th JULY** (despite what the facebook event says, see punksalive.co.uk for details)

Punk's Alive presents ALL THE WAY FROM JAPAN the female punk band Red Dogs, Dead Happy are very excited to be playing this Wakuwaku =P long way off so plenty of time to practice your Japanese ;-P

Check out the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/190599781320218/?active_tab=posts